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Have you got a flying school near Bournemouth?

We have flying schools across the country where you can learn to fly, to find out your nearest one simply contact us today.

Do you hire aircraft at your flight schools near Bournemouth?

Some flight schools covering Dorset offer self-hire services. Please enquire via the online from for further information on this service.

Flight Lessons Bournemouth

We provide a high level of customer service and do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable asking our staff any questions that you may have about your flying lessons.

Each of our flight instructors is experienced and fully trained to offer you the most comprehensive flying lessons to ensure that you can to to fly.

For more information on flying lessons near Bournemouth or to book a flying lessons near Bournemouth, simply get in contact with us today by filling out the learn to fly enquiry form.

Flying School Bournemouth and Dorset

All of the flight schools near Dorset are filled with high quality equipment, professionally maintained aircraft and friendly staff who are willing to provide any help and answer any questions that you may have.

Obtaining your PPL (Private Pilot Licence) opens up a new world of freedom and allows you the freedom to fly and enjoy the amazing aerial views that you will see while flying.

We offer a wide range of flying lessons for customers including:

The flying courses near Bournemouth and Dorset that we offer include:

• Learn To Fly Bournemouth
• Helicopter Lessons Bournemouth
• PPL Licence Bournemouth
• CPL Training Bournemouth
• Pilot Training

These are only a few of the services that we offer at flight schools near Dorset, we do offer many more services depending on the flying lessons that you require and which flight school you attend.

For more information on flying lessons near Bournemouth you can contact us today, this can be done by filling out the flying school enquiry form with you details and then one of the team will discuss your flying lessons near Bournemouth

Recent Enquires

continue training for my ppl.


just wondering the prices of lessons for a flying school nearby the university of buckingham


i have never piloted anything before


hi i dont need info about flying lessons but wonder if any of your pilots are able to take a passenger. my aunt who lives in barnsley will be 90 in october and would love a flight over her native county. she is mobile actually sprightly for her age so would be able to climb into a p. if you are able to provide this service id be really grateful if you could contact me with flight durations the sorts of areas which could be covered and prices. if you arent able to take passengers would you be able to suggest an organisation in your area which could pleasethankskathy


could you please give me the cost of a single flying lesson and what is needed to do this. regards


hi my daughter is preparing a patsy cline tribute show in orkney and wondered if we could possibly take some photographs standing next to your pthats all we would requireregards dave ritchie


i will appreciate if you please let me know if you offer level 6 language proficiency assessment. thanks


how much is a trial flight for a complete beginner and would he be allowed to take the controls at any stage also what is your availability like over the next couple of months weekends thanks.


i just want info on costs of lessons cost and info on tests needed to be taken and if there is a location near hull to learn to fly. thanks.